Our Focus…

Is on skilled trades journeypersons, supervisory, management and technical support staff (e.g. estimators, planners, inspectors).

Our Talent Pool

We maintain up-to-date e-files of domestic candidates, and, we utilize our extensive network of resource industry contacts to search out and identify untapped potential candidates.

Our Service

After you provide MHRS with a description of your opening(s), we then:

  • Search our data bank for qualified candidates
  • Network with our extensive industry contacts to identify untapped potential candidates
  • Conduct interviews, check references & assess candidate qualifications
  • Forward to you the resumes of interested, qualified respondents accompanied by assessment reports

Our Fee Structure and Guarantee

  • Clients are under no financial obligation to MHRS until a successful candidate commences work.
  • We charge one low flat fee for each staff placement, payable within 30 days from date of hire.
  • And we backup our service – If within the first 45 days of employment a placed employee  resigns, or, is deemed unsuitable for the position and is terminated by you, we will submit a qualified replacement at no cost.