Our Focus is on:

  • Skilled trades apprentices, journeymen/women, supervisory, management and technical support staff (e.g. estimators, planners, inspectors).
  • Skilled equipment operators 

Our Talent Pool

We maintain up-to-date e-files of domestic candidates, and, we utilize our extensive network of resource industry contacts to search out and identify untapped potential candidates.

Our Service

After you provide MHRS with a description of your opening(s), we then:

  • Search our data bank for qualified candidates
  • Network with our extensive industry contacts to identify untapped potential candidates
  • Conduct interviews, check references & assess candidate qualifications
  • Forward to you the resumes of interested, qualified respondents accompanied by assessment reports

Our Fee Structure 

  • Clients are under no financial obligation to MHRS until a successful candidate commences work.
  • We charge one low flat fee for each staff placement, payable within 30 days from date of hire.

An Alternate Service During the Covid-19 Pandemic:

If you are currently advertising for candidates but find you require help due to lack of time or expertise, Martin Human Resource Services will, based on your needs, take over functions such as resume assessment, short listing, telephone interviews, reference checks, and trades/safety ticket collection.
We can provide an up-front quote for the service you require and go to work on your behalf.